The Renaissance Ramblers

Tuesday, August 1, 5:00pm
Heliconian Hall


Laurence Schaufele, viola
Derek Pert, banjo
Chris Carlone, acoustic guitar
Bryce Sharman, acoustic bass

TSM Academy alum Laurence Schaufele curates an early music feast!

Laurence Schaufele Pic

Hailing from a small farming town in Western Canada, Laurence Schaufele is intent on exploring the possibilities of the viola in a wide variety of genres. He is a recent graduate of the Glenn Gould School at the Royal Conservatory in Toronto. While training in the various types of classical music, Laurence developed a passion for jazz, klezmer, bluegrass, and Cape Breton fiddling. Laurence is a founding member of the Odin String Quartet as well as the Renaissance Ramblers. When not playing music, he enjoys reading, running, cooking, and listening to music.



Living in the Ottawa valley in the early 1990s, Derek Pert listened to broadcasts of medieval and renaissance music from New York state on FM radio. After moving to Toronto, he discovered the local bluegrass scene. He took up the five-string banjo and performed in bands at Ontario bluegrass festivals. In 2015 he began to combine two passions: bluegrass and early music. In 2017, he launched a four-piece ensemble, THE RENAISSANCE RAMBLERS. Derek devotes his spare time to managing and directing the project as well as being its banjo player.



Growing up in Windsor, Ontario, in the shadow of Detroit, Chris enjoyed a vibrant cultural and musical scene from which to grow as a musician. Focused mainly on the rhythm side of the guitar, Chris began lessons at age 10, then created his own music with rock bands in his early teens. He continues to contribute to the creation of original music to this day. On learning of the concept that renaissance and bluegrass music might mix in a surprisingly logical way he jumped at the opportunity to play two kinds of music he had never explored before in one project. His background in the world of electric and acoustic rock lends a distinct contribution to the rhythm section of the Renaissance Ramblers.

The SHUFFLE Concert Series features informal, eclectic one-movement performances by Festival Artists, special guests, and next-generation emerging artists.


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