Legacy Giving

By making a planned gift to the Toronto Summer Music Foundation you are supporting the development of emerging stars in chamber music and art song (the TSM Academy) and supporting a cultural gem in the heart of the city that benefits a diverse audience of tourists and Torontonians (the TSM Festival). You are ensuring that both the Academy and the Festival continue to operate on solid financial footing and continue to benefit all of its stakeholders.

Why Make a Planned Gift to the Foundation?

  • You may have already supported Toronto Summer Music in one way or another – volunteering, donating, or attending concerts. By making a planned gift you can make a final donation that reaffirms your commitment and is a lasting memorial to it.
  • The TSM Foundation provides critical support to the Academy, helping to launch the careers of talented and deserving young artists from all over the world. The Academy is the only one of its kind in Canada in the summer months. In a similar fashion the Festival is “an oasis in the musical desert of the Toronto summer” and over the last eight years has become an essential part of the cultural fabric of this city.
  • Gifts will help the Foundation to sustain and expand Toronto Summer Music’s activities, which provide enjoyment and enrichment for its members and the general public.
  • Toronto Summer Music has an outstanding financial record. In its twelve years TSM has maintained cautious but steady growth and has demonstrated sound fiscal responsibility. It is clear that there is a high demand for what TSM has to offer (both the Academy and the Festival) and that the organization has a bright future.
  • In addition to its benefits for Toronto Summer Music, your planned gift to the Foundation will have benefits for you. Simple bequests in wills are flexible and easy to make. In addition, you will enjoy tax benefits.

How to go about it?

  • To make a simple bequest in your will you will need to speak with your financial adviser to determine the method of giving that best addresses your needs and interests. Bequests can be made in the form of cash or securities and can consist of 1) a percentage of your estate value; 2) a specific dollar amount or a specific number of shares; or 3) a residual amount.
  • Please use the name “Toronto Summer Music Foundation” as well as our Charitable Business Number 88415 7900 RR0001.

Please contact Natasha Bood, Executive Director, for more information at nbood@torontosummermusic.com or 647-430-5699 x113.


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